And so it begins.

Thursday, June 28th at 5:15 pm as I sit in the airport waiting to board my flight, I can’t help but to keep a big smile on my face. Two days ago I was stressing about swimming 13.2 miles, Stage 3 of the 8 Bridges Hudson River Swim, with a few of the greatest swimmers I know. Now here I am sitting in the airport about to head off on yet another extraordinary journey.

Here is what my life until August 12th looks like:


The swim was high on my list of incredible firsts; it was my first official marathon swim (longer than a 10k) and I had my dad as my kayaker by my side. I felt strong and comfortable nearly the entire time and am completely satisfied with my time of 4:22:58. Below is the Mid-Hudson Bridge start:


Instead of R and R after the swim, I headed to the city with some friends for a Reel Big Fish concert – crowd surfing and moshing doesn’t count as rest? Guess not… Had a blast nonetheless! During last minute preparations this morning, I managed to squeeze in a BEAUTIFUL easy swim with Marilee in Larchmont and a quick stop at Walter’s with a few of my favorite Irish.

Now here I am, through security (didn’t have to check a bag and nothing was taken away… That’s a success in itself, I think) and ready to go. I have enough food packed to hopefully enable my budgeting for a good long portion of the trip and enough bathing suits, caps, and goggles to allow me a few combinations. I’ll be in IRE by 7 am Dublin local time and will welcome my cousin off her flight a half hour later.

A pigeon just wandered by me in the terminal… What is that a sign of when traveling? Maybe he wants to come along.


Can’t wait to get going 🙂

(P.S. Now that I’ve boarded my flight, the good news is that someone asked to switch seats with me and in saying “No worries!” I scored a little upgrade from a middle seat to a window seat!)


5 thoughts on “And so it begins.

  1. Devon, this not only looks and sounds beautiful but is so inspiring! I hear the optimism in your words and I have been uplifted!! I love you. I want to live vicariously through your blog. Good luck on your great adventure xoxo

  2. Already behind in reading your blog, my goal is to catch up and post throughout the day. Your luggage looks like the perfect amount for optimal travel. Hey, I went to a Reel Big Fish concert once too (hehe, I think it was in 1999). Excited to keep reading.

  3. So awesome to hear of your adventures. Thanks for sharing the pictures and anecdotes. Victoria and I have fallen in love with your cute self and look forward to continuing our new friendship and keeping in touch.

    In Indiana, we have about 5 or six days of oppressive 100+ degree days. Victoria has been faithful to her swim training while I have slacked off a bit due to my nephew from California being with us for about 9 days.

    Your mention of Lisbon brought back memories of when I took the train from Madrid to Portugal. At was promptly “kicked off’ the train at the border due to having my Guatemalan passport and needing a visa. Apprently diplomatic relations between Portugal and Guatemala were not kosher. I had to take a taxi to a town about 80 km away to get the proper stamp and persmission to enter Portugal.

    Well, my job search continues for the upcoming school year or maybe something outside of education. I am hoping I receive an offer from BOSMA Enterprises, a vocational rehab facility for adults with blindness and low vision. I would be an “Adjustment Counselor” running group and individual counseling as well as job transitioning and interest inventories to help clients figure out what direction they want to head.

    So, I am going to sign off for now. If you have access to facebook, you can see what we’re up to. We will check your blog periodically and post our comments/news. Be well and swim well if you get a chance.

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