Landed in Dublin, Day 1

Friday, June 29, 2012
This is what I woke up to:


Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture from the plane of the beautiful landscape coming in (I forgot how incredible the cliffs of Ireland are).

The flight was good, nothing too special. They didn’t have a vegetarian option on the flight so I had a bland salad and buttered roll – yum. Aside from the baby that constantly cried as everyone tried to sleep and the mediocre long list of movies to watch, the flight went well and I am in Ireland and I couldn’t ask for more.

Waiting for Kelly now.


Got her! A quick bus ride and nice walk later, we are “home” with Ana and have made new friends. Roxie the pup and Ted the cat:


Laying low for the day, we wandered by foot to and through the Dublin Castle.


Then took a stroll down by the river and ended up in the National Gallery of Ireland. The terrible Americans that we are decided on quesadillas as our first meal in Ireland after the exhibit. Pretty disgraceful (of us) and definitely no Tacos al Carbon (Lake Worth, FL)… Oh well, we’ll work on that.


Walked home through St. Stephens Green park and now planning for the days ahead… 5:30 pm sounds like a good bed time to us though. Good night 🙂

3 thoughts on “Landed in Dublin, Day 1

  1. The people want to know more about Roxie and Ted. Was Ted doing the morning crossword puzzle in that picture? Was the scratch scratch scratch of his pencil keeping Roxie awake after a session at the pub? Which one is a better Gaelic Football player? How do they take their tea? It looks like they could both use a cup.

  2. Yeah, 5:30 is okay for bed after traveling east. I think it’s harder adjusting going east versus west. I’ve finally learned to always have my own plane food (because when I see and smell the stuff on board I want something….but not that) and load some movies onto the iPad for long flights too. Those quesadillas are desperately lacking…!

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