Day 2, Dublin

Saturday, June 30, 2012

This morning as we came down stairs we were welcomed tremendously by the little faker of a patient, Roxie. Yesterday she was at the vet twice (hence the sad face in the introductory photo from yesterdays post). She is definitely doing a whole lot better… But more on her in a second.

I started out today with delicious brown bread toast and super sharp cheddar cheese from Snowdonia. Mmm!

Okay, now back to Roxie (as per request). Her sudden recovery proved itself in her energy in instigating banter with Ted. The only real damage done with Roxie’s sickness was done to Ana’s wallet. Roxie also received her fair share of scratches from Ted. Ted, on the other hand seems to spend his days lounging where he so chooses and enjoying the control and power he has over the household. Mooching is Roxie’s way of gaining attention…


Kelly and I walked through St. Stephens Green again this morning, then through the campus of Trinity College – both beautiful sites!


We went through the Museum of Natural History (a cool place no matter what country you’re in), then checked out the preparations for a concert for the European Gay Police Association… Its Pride week!

(Kelly and the Walrus)

We continued our walk through Temple Bar and got the most amazing blueberry scones at a little market down a quiet side street.


Then we made it to the Guinness Factory for a tour filled with free samples and free pints! As we were walking in to the factory, I was telling Kelly a story about the BolderBoulder 10k and the guy walking in front of us commented and said he happened to be from Colorado. So, we made a new friend, named Forrest, and ended up doing the tour, enjoying multiple samples (you’d be surprised how many you can collect for three people at a time), and then having our free pints (2 each) at the end with him. The tour was neat. We stood inside of what would be the world’s largest pint glass (though not exactly a pint because it is massive), learned how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness, and learned a ton about barley, yeast, hops, and water.

(the tour – free samples)

(Forrest, myself, and Kelly)

Ana made a DELICIOUS salad and vegetarian lasagna for dinner. Her sister Pauline made some yummy lemon blueberry muffins for us for dessert. Ted really liked it… (though Ana would like me to make note to the audience that Ted is never normally allowed on the table!)


Ted and Roxie are back to their bickering now. Off soon to meet our new friend for a drink.

Doing a 2k swim race in the morning! Good night, Dublin and world.


3 thoughts on “Day 2, Dublin

  1. You are so funny! Half your post is about the pets that live where you are staying. Lol btw is that a yorkie or yorkie mix? Brewster wants to know. Love ya!

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