Day 3, Dublin, Howth, and Monaghan

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I slept horribly last night. I was so terrified I was going to over sleep that I ended up waking up constantly through the night. Our alarms were set for 6 am because I did a swim race this morning! Vanessa, an open water swimmer in Ireland, got me in last minute to a 2k race in Howth, Dublin. What a gorgeous town! The swim was from a little island called Ireland’s eye to a beach on the mainland of Howth. Calling it a 2k swim does not do it justice in the slightest. That swim may have been more rigorous then the Hudson swim. I literally had waves crashing on top of me, could barely sight for anything (which sort of made it more fun), and apparently we were surrounded by jellies – I failed to notice thanks to my habits of swimming with my eyes closed. Lots of people mentioned we may see some seal or have them bumping our legs. I was sort of looking forward to that experience but if there were any around, they didn’t come play with me. Despite the rough seas, I made it out as third place female overall and as first place non wetsuit overall. What’s with all the neoprene, Ireland? Aren’t I the one that is supposed to think the 13 degrees Celsius water is chilly? It was lots of fun though… I won a hand painted pottery bowl that says “Escape From Ireland.”

(the Island where we were dropped)

(my bowl)

Side note: My sea lice (failed to mention in the first blog) that I got from Thursday mornings swim with Marilee are finally calming down!! (They were miserable on the plane.)

Rushing off to an area called Monaghan to a beautiful castle for an Alice in Wonderland themed party now. Can’t wait for this…

6 thoughts on “Day 3, Dublin, Howth, and Monaghan

  1. my crazy daughter…you might want to pack the bowl up and send it home so you don’t have to carry it around – congratulations! xoxox

  2. That is amazing, Dev. I planing to take you a few places here in Denmark, where you can swim.. 😉 If you want to ..

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