Day 4, Monaghan and Dublin

Monday, July 2, 2012

After having partied long and hard, we opted for the snooze button when 9 am rolled around. We stayed in the guest cottages near the Castle Leslie property amongst Leah and all her friends.


We were reminded around 10 am that breakfast was being served in the castle.

(The Castle Leslie)

The food was great… Traditional Irish breakfast, European style pancakes (the best kind), fresh squeezed juices, and left over cupcakes were just a few of the delicious offerings. After breakfast, we all took a walk down by the lake behind the castle and a few jumped in for a quick swim.

More pictures of the party soon – most were taken from other cameras through the night so I’ll add the photos (worthwhile, for sure) later. Though there is one photo from inside the castle that you might enjoy (old school toilet!):


Back to Dublin for one more afternoon.
On our way back to Ana’s, Mark shared some of the greatest stories. He is awesome… He scuba dives and goes caving and hang gliding and does plenty more thrilling and interesting things. He took us on a side trip to the Monasterboice along the way as well.


Back to Ana’s and welcomed by the furry keepers. Early night and off to London bright and early.

(Roxie’s current state)

Ana just showed us her garden and home spa… I hope she realizes I’m all too close to fully moving in! Check out some of the beautiful fruit!! She has lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, basil, and more. BEST strawberry I may have ever eaten:


Ted loves climbing out the window and wandering across the wall… What a cool cat.


MARK STUART FLYNN, this (below) is for you. You may not remember but we had a discussion about these one night last week haha. Miss you!


Oh, and mom and dad, this is for you. I didn’t think you’d actually care about having a key chain…. So I took a photo!


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