Day 5, Dublin to London

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We had another early morning start today to catch the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead then to London. Ana dropped us at the port and we said our goodbyes – felt like saying goodbye to my mom! – as we set off to begin the real chaos of the weeks ahead.

The ferry was the size of a cruise ship, and felt a bit like being on a cruise with its variety of different languages in ear shot. Kelly and I brought the age and nationality demographics way down. The weather was so beautiful as we pulled in to Holyhead… We had such a great view of land! Not.


Unfortunately we didn’t realize how long this commute would be.


Two long train rides later and enough gin rummy to make our grandparents, Mimi and Mike, proud, we made it to London. Even if Kelly completely and utterly DEMOLISHED me. The score in the picture below doesn’t even do my shame justice. We played many, many more hands and decided to keep a running score over the entire trip. I’ve got some catching up to do (I did manage to build up a somewhat decent score).


Kelly officially thinks I’m insane. Some of the most random songs have been popping in to my head… And so I’ve shared with her. The occasional accent thrown in while singing whatever the current song is seems to make it even more entertaining. She asked me, “Is this what happens in your head while you are swimming?” Umm, yes? I’d have to say so. (Can’t wait to swim in Dover tomorrow!!)

Almost to London and meeting up with AK (my good friend from Denmark)!!!! Will update more at the end of the because my one hour of wifi that I gave in and paid for (you’re welcome, AK) is running out.

(Thumbs up for reunions in different countries!)

Our hostel seems like loads of fun! We already bonded with the people that work there and AK seems pretty settled. Grabbed some chips, etc. for dinner. What is with London not having any ice cream places? We couldn’t a single one (including gelato) anywhere.
I’m hereby publicizing to the world that my mother is the BEST mom in the entire world!! I’m horrible. (Debit card misunderstanding).
We took a walk all around once the sun went down.


(AK, me, Kelly, and Big Benjamin)

(incredible poems posted all over the place down by the water)

Goodnight, London.

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