Day 6, London

July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July, America!!!
One of the girls in our hostel room woke up bright and early and made it her personal goal to be as loud and obnoxious as humanly possible. Gotta love that type. Ha, all part of the fun!

Ak, Kelly, and I took a walk along Oxford street. London feels way too much like New York… I think of the two, my bias is more for the latter. Then we headed to Buckingham Palace to catch the end of the guards changing.


Despite that fact that London is ridiculously expensive, they do have a variety of yummy mini baguette sandwiches, which is what we picked up for lunch. Pretty disappointed though because lunch was followed by our failed attempt at going to Dover 😦 Not saying much else about that… Pretty bummed. To make that mood even better, I slipped. Maybe it’s just me but I strongly believe that whichever persons can be blamed for the poor choice of side walk material in a constantly (so far, from our experience) rainy city is somewhat of an idiot. I’m being bitter… Maybe I should have taken shoes for slippery side walks into consideration during my packing process. Shame on me?


Ak and I fell asleep on the floor in the hostel when we got back. A much needed two hour nap definitely happened. Some banter with Jamie, our hostel friend, about how American’s lack in one thing or another then we went off for dinner.

(Kelly’s fish and chips, my asparagus pea and mint risotto. Ak had a burger – because she thinks she’s American)

I do like that London took the time to write on the ground which way to look when crossing the street. How considerate.


Drivers here are just as much like New York drivers. We just saw a cyclist get hit by a bus! Hope he is okay.

I received a picture last night from my favorite little nugget, Sage. Miss you, crazy girl! Get ready because I’m going to send you a postcard from Venice (the only place you were interested in when I was telling you about my trip). Big hug!

(Here is our hostel – humble abode – door)

3:50 AM wake up to leave to catch the train to Paris!

6 thoughts on “Day 6, London

  1. bahahah yeah you really hate london hay!!
    i didnt know you fell…ouch!!
    london and nyc are a tad different in my awesome aussie eyes 😉

  2. You are spot on about the slippery pavements in London. After 5 months of falling down, they nearly made me reconsider my choice of footwear. Instead, I moved somewhere drier.

    I hope you don’t expect the rest of Europe to be any better (with the slipperiness).

    • Thankfully I did move to drier climate so the slipperiness wasn’t too much of a problem. I found other ways to mark myself up though. Heading back north soon though… Wish me luck!

    • Thankfully aside from Paris we have experienced no more rain yet! I probably just jinxed that but oh well. No slips since London (close calls though, yes). Wearing sneakers more often…

  3. Blah on rude people in hostels. I discovered quickly backpacking through Europe that I preferred small pensions/bed and breakfasts… And that they weren’t any more (or at least not much more) expensive. Plus you get breakfast and more local insights as they are usually run by couples who love to practice their English.

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