Day 8, Versailles, Madrid

July 6, 2012

We took lots of advantage of the heaven-like bed we stayed in at Laurene’s house. She lives in a town near Versailles called:

(Now you know how to spell it, Dad.)

Slept till 9 then made our way to Versailles. Versailles is beautiful, it was so nice to go back and wander the garden again.


There was a fantastic market we found on our walk back to the train station. Tons of beautiful fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and so much more. We got a small loaf of bread and chunk of fresh cheese for lunch and Kelly got some beautiful strawberries to share as well. (Mind you, she decided on strawberries after I had to explain that -small- is what fresh non modified strawberries look like and that they would be better than any strawberry she’s had before. Thank you America for plumping and coloring the food we eat!)




We made the conscious effort to get to the train a little early to avoid more of the rushed situations we’ve somewhat experienced. I had to jump a turn style in the metro to get out. France has this bizarre thing where you have to have your ticket to enter and to exit the metro. I was one of many that I saw take the jump while we were here. We met Laurene in Paris to get our bags and then headed to the airport for our flight to Madrid. Paris was glorious –
(one more yummy French pastry before we left)

– until we had a miserable experience leaving! I now understand why Ryan Air is so cheap. They charge you nothing for the airfare and then come at you from every angle practically charging for the air you breathe. As the flight attendant put it when I asked if I had to pay for a cup of water, “you have to pay for everything on Ryan Air except sugar and napkins,” (in a slow sort of I-know-how-you-feel, it’s-ridiculous tone). I was lucky enough to pay two times as much additional as the original cost of my ticket… Not buying food in Spain or Portugal now. The leaving part of Paris put a damper on the full Paris experience.

Upon arriving in Madrid, Ryan Air just kept getting better. They transported everyone’s luggage to a different terminal but didn’t post it so we had to wait a good little while before an employee came along to tell us. Once we got to that terminal we had to go in the exit of baggage claim and convince the woman with our boarding passes that we were told to and supposed to be there. We finally got our luggage an hour and a half after landing. Have I mentioned how highly I recommend this fast pace euro travel? Mmm… Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, we are having a BLAST, but Kelly and I both agree that we’d somewhat rather be back home with Ana, Roxie, and Ted in a country where we sort of can pull off blending in 😉

We waited a half hour for the train to the area we are staying.

(during the wait I got reprimanded for having my feet on the seat – oops)


Finally we got to our hostel in Madrid! It’s a pretty chill place, should be lots of fun. There are some really neat people staying here too… Right off the bat we made friends with this guys from California that is in our room too. Sleeping tonight because we may be going to a music festival tomorrow night called Rock de Rio! Buenos noche everybody!

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    • I literally cannot say that word anymore without thinking of you every single time it comes out of my mouth (or is typed)!! Haha love you jac-o-lantern!

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