Day 9, Madrid

July 7, 2012

Its a beautiful day! And today started out as a fantastic day! We woke up, took showers, had our free cornflakes and orange juice, then went to buy our concert tickets for the Rock in Rio music festival!!!! Kelly is overly joyed between her combination of coffee and concert tickets.

A new friend made:

We took a free walking tour around Madrid offered by our awesome hostel. The guide, Laura, was extremely animated, hospitable, funny, and cursed a ton! She was hilarious. Here is her in front of the royal palace in the midst of sarcasm:

Madrid is beautiful. The sun is shining and the skies are blue!






During the tour we went to the oldest restaurant in the world called Botin. I ate here the last time I was in Madrid so it’s another neat thing to see again.




After the walking tour we had to sort out some baggage check-in logistics for our upcoming flights so that Ryan Air couldn’t be so cruel to us again.

Going the Rock in Rio festival now with tons of people from the hostel so I’ll end today’s post here. Tomorrow will be a good one full of lots of good time reminiscing, I’m sure. Adios!

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