Day 10, Madrid, Lisbon

July 8, 2012

What an amazing concert! All but two of the 14 people in our hostel dorm room went to the concert so we all went as a group with Fred, from Montreal, leading the way.

20120708-174919.jpg(Fred, me, Kelly)

Three short train rides (I would totally upload some awesome videos of the Spanish singing on the bus along the way but doing this blog from my phone, I have yet to master the video uploading) and a free shuttle bus later, we arrived to the concert which was literally in the middle of nowhere. It was an incredible set up just for the festival – there was a zip line across the crowd, a ferris wheel, two stages, and a ground sprinkler waterfall thing (like the one on Clematis Street) to run through. Somewhat of a young adult paradise for sure.


We didn’t know the first band (I think it was a Spanish band) but when Incubus came on the crowd packed up and went insane. You know those groups of people at concerts that are loud and obnoxious because they’re totally into every aspect of the concert? Yup, that was our group. We were yelled at by security more times then we can count for being on each others shoulders, amongst other things.

20120708-211233.jpgThe 306 Group

20120708-203625.jpgGeorge from Australia up on shoulders.

Red Hot Chili Peppers came on and the level of insanity grew exponentially. Our group continued its in depth FUN. RHCP were incredible!!! So they obviously ended their part with fireworks.

Deadmau5 closed the concert and all the Europeans went crazy (the Americans faded out). The concert finished around 4:30 AM and the free shuttle bus line was way too long to even consider so we splurged for taxis (way worth it). The concert overall was seriously memorable and the two hours of sleep we got before heading to the airport to go to Lisbon we’re extremely well worth it! I would definitely recommend No Name City Hostel in Madrid.

We ate lots of Kinder yumminess for lunch in the airport before boarding our flight. Plenty of gin rummy played on the plane. Mimi and Mike, you’d be proud of Kelly… Not so much of me (I think I need to come to Asheville for an intensive week of gin playing)! Our on going total score as of the end of the flight stands with Kelly at 1091 and me at 380. That’s pretty shameful. We have arrived in Lisbon!


Within the first moments of landing we have already fallen way in love with this city. More beautiful weather, beautiful water, beaches, and super friendly people. Our hostel here seems to be nearly as good as Madrid (friendly, but not quite as fun). We had dinner at a small local place and learned our first Portuguese word: obrigada (obrigado to men)! It means thank you. I love Portugal 🙂

Surfing tomorrow!!!


One more thing: I put a load of wash in because our hostel here has washing machines! An hour and forty five minutes later it was done and I went to switch it to the drier… The check in guy failed to mention there was no working drier! I wouldn’t have put all my clothes in had I know there was no drier! Oyyy.

7 thoughts on “Day 10, Madrid, Lisbon

  1. In less than 10 years you will have to take Lindsay and Quenby with you! How I miss being young and traveling through Europe 😦

  2. I can picture your hostel room with laundry hanging everywhere…because I’ve been there. Interesting to me that you decided to fly your way around Europe instead of train with an unlimited Eurail Pass. We’ll have to compare notes at the end.

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