Day 11, Lisboa

July 9, 2012

*I apologize in advance because this blog entry may disappoint you followers. Unfortunately, I have no (few) pictures from today and it just so happens that today was possibly the most beautiful day of the trip so far! Kelly and I didn’t want to risk our phones being taken from the beach while we were surfing because then I wouldn’t be able to keep the blog going. Enjoy the read – use your imagination!!!*

Our room mates are nice, despite the snoring here and there. The free breakfast at this hostel is definitely the best so far (aside from the Castle Leslie breakfast… But I don’t think that’s really comparable!). Kelly and I had a good chat over breakfast about Costello traits. We came up with: ice cream eating (lots – we had delicious gelato last night. I am officially Nutella’d out!!), buttering pizza crust, playing gin rummy constantly… I think we have our grandfather Mike to thank for pretty much all of these.

After breakfast we asked the guy that works the desk how to get to the nearest beach. He told us to go take the ferry then the bus to the beach. Unfortunately, Portuguese is not very similar to any language I know (and our Portuguese cousins didn’t teach us anything before we left) so the names of places we needed to go weren’t easily memorized. He also didn’t know the bus number so we just decided to go and see where we ended up. We found the ferry… So we took it. We said, “beach?” to everyone along the way until we got there. None of the bus drivers we asked really spoke English so the word beach (and the fact that we were wandering in bikinis) was really the only word of communication… And many, many “obrigado” uses.

Portugal, so far this bit we have seen, is incredibly BEAUTIFUL!! Literally everything. The culture and lifestyle is great. We nearly contemplated canceling the rest of the trip! Not really, but it was a thought. Funny, the ground might be one of my favorite parts of the areas we have seen. Both roads and sidewalks (most) are made from tiny squares of stone… Hard to explain… I’ll go take a picture now.

Our hostel is just a block from the water. There are a bunch of neat little boat harbors all along the walk that follows the coast. Tons of runners, cyclists, and walkers enjoying the setting sun both nights we’ve taken this walk. I love the beauty in every aspect of this culture. Kelly grabbed some dinner along our way:

Anyway, back to our time at the beach! When we got there, we walked a bit and scoped out the area before choosing a spot to lay out. An hour, maybe two (today was island time day with no watches or phones, just the sun in the sky and the waves crashing below), of laying out and enjoying a little siesta on the beach I woke up with lock jaw. It was so bad I couldn’t even open my mouth wide enough to take a bite of my granola bar. Oh well, it went away eventually.

Then we rented surf boards! Surfing has definitely been added to my list of favorite sports. I caught tons of waves and got up a surprising amount as a first timer. I felt so in my element – it was fantastic. I was also the only (not exaggerating) surfer not wearing a wetsuit (Duh!? What’s a wetsuit again?). Water temp was probably in the high 60s… Perfect! I want to surf lots, lots more 🙂 We surfed until we developed what Kelly called “surfer munchies.” I like it. We found an awesome restaurant on the beach and had delicious sandwiches and 1€ beers! Have I mentioned how much I love this place?

Some sun burns and bruises later, we made it back to our hostel, then took that walk I mentioned in the beginning of this entry. Today was perfect.

Good night from Lisboa!

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