Day 12, Lisboa, Barcelona

July 10, 2012

So Portugal overall, as I’m confident you depicted from the entry yesterday, was fantastic. We didn’t do much touristy stuff at all – no palaces, no statues, no sites other than what we stumbled upon and saw from the outside – but we had a great time. I would love to come back here and explore so much more. A few last photos from the bus ride to the airport:



Want to see some gnarly bruises (the knee from London is healing, the arm is from surfing)?

Free is for me (as Noga and D2 say)… So one last use of a Starbucks on our way out of town. Kelly is doing some backpack rearranging behind me.

Good bye Portugal and hello Barcelona! I managed to get my gin score up a bit on this flight (you are not supposed to play favorites, Mimi and Mike!!!). I sort of like the European cheap flight method of choosing your own seats. Kelly and I have managed to score a three seat row to ourselves on the last two flights. Maybe people don’t like smelly backpacking Americans? Their loss.

In Barcelona we aren’t staying in a hostel, we have a sort of small apartment. It’s nice having a private room (especially after the super obnoxious girl in the bunk below me in Lisbon). We did some walking around on La Rambla and down by the water to get some fresh air. Lots of the area came back to me… Fun memories of the last time I was here for sure. I love when people are nice enough to over hear English being spoken and say, “Hey, if you want to check out a cool street go down that alley way over there. It’ll still take you to where you want to go but it has some cool hidden shops!” Thank you, friendly English speaking stranger.




20120710-185422.jpg (My favorite Spanish word is on this sign: Gaviota!)
When walking back, we found an awesome little market. I’ve seen so many markets like this – in Bolivia, Kenya, Morocco, amongst some other places. We should have neat (yes Jacqui Venteman, I said “neat” again) market places like this in America.



And look how cool this door is:

I found it down this little side street:

Kelly just opened her bag to unpack a few things… Toiletries spilled and leaked in her bag AGAIN! Ha. Thankfully they are in ziplock bags but she has had stuff leak at least five times now haha.
Day 12 is coming to a close and the only things I’m really missing right now are as follows:

20120710-212801.jpg My dogs (Petey and Sadie).

20120710-212919.jpg These two crazy munchkins.

20120710-213132.jpg And these!!!

Everything else I can do without for a while longer 🙂

5 thoughts on “Day 12, Lisboa, Barcelona

  1. Sounds lke your trip is going great! You don’t mss me!!! Yo crazy! I love you though! I don’t think. Could deal with the lack of sleep that’s can.

  2. hi lovey – you can add a hit counter under settings, hit counter – set it at 100 or 200 (since I know you’ve had that many visits so far) then see how many people are stopping by – love you – mom

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