Day 13, Barcelona

July 11, 2012

We woke up (alive, not kidnapped) got ready and headed out to Park Güell, the Gaudi Park. Tons of fun to go back to and show Kelly around… Particularly for the amazing bench that was designed perfectly for the arch of your back. Needless to say we nearly fell asleep for a bit as we enjoyed the view from the top.







20120711-144926.jpg (Jacqui Venteman – TREE!!!)



Once we felt satisfied with our morning walk through the park, we made our way back to the area we are staying to grab lunch in an amazing vegan restaurant called Juicy Jones. VEGETABLES!!!! So happy to have lots of these guys in my tummy! Kelly had a roasted vegetable and pesto sandwich and I had a sautéed tofu (so happy to get some protein), and multi veggie sandwich. DELICIOUS. I also had a spinach, grapefruit, kiwi fresh juice…. I’m in heaven. Why aren’t there vegan restaurants everywhere?? We even got to listen to Bob Marley covers sung in Spanish (Redemption Song in Spanish Reggae vibes? Not bad.). [Kelly and I have listened to so much reggae this trip, it’s lovely. Currently listening to some Hawaiian bands of course.]





20120711-145441.jpg (Aubrey Bennett – appreciate! Back of the bathroom door.)




On our way back to the apartment for a slight siesta we went through a little fish and meat market. There were some beautiful fruits and veggies sold but can some one please explain the animal??? Yuck. Guinea pig? You can see the tongue…





After our little down time we headed out for round two. We walked all over the place taking random streets here and there through the Gothic area where we saw lots of neat Gaudi buildings and through la sangrada familia.

Come on Barcelona, why can’t I swim in the fountain!? 😦


We stopped in a grocery store as we made our way home. There are some interesting things sold in their grocery stores. Open eggs, cured meats, and wine in juice boxes?

We may have gotten ourselves a little lost getting back (I tried to explain to Kelly that we weren’t lost per se but rather just wandering in an undefined direction as part of the adventure)… Not too far off though and the metro helped us. We made it back.

When I was in Spain in 2008, my memories led me to be more fond of Barcelona over Madrid. Though I do like Barcelona, I think Madrid has definitely been bumped higher on the list above Barcelona now after this trip.

I ended my day yesterday with a Skype with Noga and Sage. I ended today with a Skype with some of my favorite Irish boys, Mark and Niall (missing Graham!!). That’s the best way to end my night any night 🙂

There is a guy yelling out the window super loud at the guys down stairs out side somewhere because they are being really loud… Drama in Barcelona! Gotta love angry Spanish yelling at 12 AM. Emily O’Connor, I’ll try to record and you can translate later… The loud partiers are laughing just as loud back at the screamer. Now the music has been turned up. It’s going to be a long night.

20120712-001313.jpg Source of the party.

Tomorrow we head to Milan. I’ve never been to Italy before – can’t wait! Laters (sorry, had to pull the Christian Grey)!!

By the way, I hope the quality of pictures is good..? Blogging 100% from my cell phone. Thanks for following!

4 thoughts on “Day 13, Barcelona

  1. Devon, Picture quality is great! We are all so jealous of this adventure. Barcelona look(ed) terrific, but then so did Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon …. Have fun! Love, dad

  2. I’m having so much fun reading your posts, Devon! I’ve been living vicariously through you for a while now, and your beautiful pictures and blog are making it easier. I want to go surfing in Lisbon! xo Anne

  3. hipppy in the making haha!
    looks amazing, you look freaking incredible, brown….you look fab!!!
    photos are awesome, the guinea pig was slightly disturbing i couldnt look ahah!
    enjoy milan i’ve never ever been there!

  4. Your pictures make me realize that I really missed Barcelona. I was super sick and spent days in our room while my travel companions did the sight-seeing and partying. What a great trip you are having!

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