Day 16, Siena, Florence

July 14, 2012

This morning Kelly and I ventured to Siena to check out what all the hype was about. It is a beautiful area with some neat streets and buildings and such but we honestly felt like we fell right into a tourist trap (that cost us 15€) that we sort of felt we could have done without. We did appreciate seeing the Basilica of San Francesco there though, it was gorgeous and we caught a small prayer service of some sort going on inside which was great.

20120714-215331.jpg 20120714-215401.jpg 20120714-215421.jpg 20120714-215437.jpg 20120714-215508.jpg 20120714-215450.jpg 20120714-215528.jpg
We found some more awesome street art in the works (seems to be a popular thing here). 20120714-215807.jpg
We went in to a book store because I wanted to check some cook books. I was explaining to Kelly how my biscotti keeps coming out too crumbly for smooth cutting when I make it and that I want to know the secrets from Italy. I saw these in the book shop and had a laugh, so I thought you would too (I wonder if all the housewives here have read it as religiously as the Westchester housewives): 20120714-220122.jpg
We finished walking around Siena before catching the bus back to Florence. 20120714-220211.jpg 20120714-220222.jpg 20120714-220243.jpg 20120714-220231.jpg
Once back in Florence, we headed to the market: 20120714-220634.jpg (this kind – not a food market)
Then wandered more until reaching the Michelangelo garden which had an INCREDIBLE view over Florence from the top. We also saw some wedding photos in action, then later we watched as the car drove by carrying two people in love and dragging cans and lace behind them. 20120714-220748.jpg 20120714-221012.jpg 20120714-221324.jpg


20120714-221410.jpg (beautiful sky)





Lots of stairs to get that view. I think I’ll be in shape to do Kilimanjaro by the time I leave Europe. Another shorter post today because we are exhausted… Running around is catching up.

I miss swimming.

Good night, world 🙂

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