Day 18, Venice, Trier

July 16, 2012

Today was quite the adventure. We flew in to the Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Germany this morning which was fine. When we arrived we took a bus to a small town called Trier. Trier is the oldest town in Germany so I’m sure it will be interesting. Here’s where it got really interesting though. When we got off the bus we had absolutely no idea where to go. We only booked this hostel a day and a half ago from our phone Internet in Florence so we didn’t have a print out of the confirmation. Or address. Or phone number. So, again, we got off the bus and walked until we found a bakery. I managed to pull up an email without wifi and asked the woman behind the counter if she spoke English (nope) or if she knew the address (nope). Thankfully, a nice customer (probably not far off from my age) who did speak English offered to drop us at the train station because there was a wifi cafe and also an information booth. Hitch hiking: check. Friendly information booth woman gave us a map, pointed out our short walk from there to the hostel, and we were off.

Trier is a small suburban, quieter town. This next few days will be interesting. We took a walk after checking in the hostel and got a few things at the grocery store, grabbed dinner, and wandered what we think was most of the entire town. Tomorrow is a no wake up alarm day. Score. 20120716-203557.jpg20120716-203607.jpg
Back to grey skies and cold weather! Good night 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 18, Venice, Trier

  1. Devon, Trier is Germany’s oldest city. It also has Karl Marx House which you should see. It also is a Mosel wine region. Have fun.

  2. Did you ever did your hostel? Germany looks gorgeous!! My grandma Jeanne and Papa Vito LOVE it there. I hope you do, too!

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