Day 19, Trier

July 17, 2012

Trier. (Kelly and I are laughing out loud) Trier. Trier.

What a beautiful city. We are pretty confident that this town and it’s workings revolve around one printed map. This map (we received ours from the train station where our driver friend dropped us off) has a dotted red line called the tourist route and thusly there are signs through the city center that support this path to its followers. We followed and made it between two marked stops before getting off the path. By this time, we had already mastered the layout and direction of the town… So we were okay. That said, we wandered the rest of the day. We saw incredible old buildings with really neat detail in the decor.

We went through the Karl Marx house and learned some interesting facts about his life.

(“Between champagne and porn houses”)

We found yet another yummy market:

We saw the Konstantin Basilika, Kurfürstliches Palais, St. Antonius, Palais Kesselstatt, Balduins brunnen, Hauptmarkt, Priesterseminar, Kaiserthermen… And a whole bunch of other German named places.











They have a rock wall and obstacle course sort of thing with rappelling as well in the middle of their mall… Crazy!

I finally got to cook my bulgur and chia seeds for dinner that I’ve been carrying around. Every time I’ve carried it through security, my bag has been searched and the security people have studied it with interested looks. The different languages it’s been questioned under hasn’t made my explanation easy. No more questioning though! I’m glad it made it this far… And thankfully there were some spices in the kitchen at our hostel so I was able to flavor it up a bit.

We had more yummy ice cream and some delicious German candy and chocolate for desert. By the way mom, pretzel bread (breakfast) = MMMM!!!

Luxembourg in the morning. Very disappointed that Bon Iver is playing there tonight… Missing him by a day, not so cool. Good night, world.

3 thoughts on “Day 19, Trier

  1. I love reading about your trip dev!!! Can’t wait for you to get home though we miss you so much!!! And I can’t wait to hear about it in person I’m sure you’re going to come back with such great stories!!! ❤ you, Sam

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