Day 20, Trier, Luxembourg

July 18, 2012

It is hard to believe that Kelly and I have been traveling around Europe for twenty days now. In that time we have conquered eight countries (two new countries for me, eight new countries for Kelly) and multiple cities. We have immersed ourselves into such a wide variety of cultures and languages and made so many great new friends along the way. Kelly is bringing her trip to a close with Luxembourg and Amsterdam in the next few days as I will continue my way up to Scandinavia. There is still so much fun to be had and there are still so many sights to be seen! There is no specific purpose in my travels other than to enjoy the unique characteristics of the world which I think I’m doing pretty well!

“I am a wanderer passionately in love with life.”
Aleksandr Kuprin

That said, this morning we stocked up on German candy and chocolate and breads and pastries before heading to the train station to make our way to Luxembourg. Upon arriving, we took a short bus ride to our hostel which is very much like a fully loaded YMCA.
We went off to do a little bit of site seeing and ended up on a beautiful hike and a scenic walk along the river. it’s a very neat city between it’s natural beauty and it’s crazy old ruins.
20120718-212755.jpg20120718-214141.jpg The red building through the bridge is our hostel.
Seriously, Europe. What is with the stairs!
20120718-221525.jpg Bon Iver played on that stage right there just last night. I am pretty bummed we missed him 😦
We went out to dinner tonight for Indian food because Kelly and I have both been craving Mexican and Indian was second best. What a great choice! The owners of this little hole in the wall Indian restaurant called “Star of Asia” made us feel so extremely welcome. They practically sat down with us. They showed us maps and brochures of what we should see and do while in the city. They gave us life stories about their children, one who is a successful business woman who studied abroad and ended up back in Luxembourg and the other who has just completed his second masters degree, the first being in aerospace engineering and the second in music (he is a concert pianist). We heard about their three week vacation from Connecticut to Key West with a stop in the Blue Ridge Mountains (we told them about you, Mimi and Mike!). The food was absolutely fantastic. We ate as though we haven’t eaten in days. My stomach hurts now… But it was so worth it. When we asked for the check with our fully satiated tummies, the man said “well it’s no worry, you don’t have to leave yet… Unless you wanted to go walk around, but there is no hurry for you to go.” They took forever bringing our check and receipt, but made sure to smile each time they walked by. We love them! It was 9:30 pm though, past our bed time so we had to get moving.


Shyam and Kim

One question I have about the culture here is in regards to the greetings of kissing on the cheek. While sitting in the restaurant, I noticed a woman come in and join a table of two men (more joined the table shortly after) and when she arrived they each exchanged three kisses on the cheek. Why three? One doesn’t suffice – apparently, according to the French who do two – but what is the point of three? Just a ponder. Never mind the fact that I can’t make out the slightest distinction of what language is spoken here. Sounds like gibberish! Well, the table next to us sounded like they were speaking gibberish. It was very entertaining.

Time for bed for us in Luxembourg. Good night, world… In whatever language is spoken here.

Oh, by the way, this just came up in my newsfeed and got me super excited. If I go to Chicago for the Big Shoulders swim, this will definitely be part of my weekend:



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