Day 21, Luxembourg

July 19, 2012

Free breakfast! Getting sort of sick of cornflakes and bread. We explored what we had left of Luxembourg, aka lots more up and down hills. During our walk, Kelly and I had to give in to purchasing McDonalds so that we would have change so that we could PAY 1€ to go to the restrooms. I’ve avoided paying in a few other countries but unfortunately we had to give in today. The train station was charging €1.60. Since when did the world take away the freedom to pee. I mean, I know the laws of the land are different here then they are back home but don’t you think peeing should be a basic human right globally?? Just a thought.

We saw some beautiful churches today.




Along with some other pretty stuff.



I think I may have said this before but I’m slightly suffering a bit of separation anxiety from water. I don’t know if I’ll have the physical strength or endurance to do the lake swim in Sweden in a few weeks. I suppose we’ll see how it goes, I know I’ll regret it if I don’t try though and I definitely intend on getting in the water and swimming as much as I can handle. After all, I will have a week of rest time in Ireland (unless Mark invites me on a crazy cave climbing adventure?!?!) after the race before heading back to New York. Andddd, we all know my body can handle the road trip it is going to take with my favorite Irish boys just a few short days after returning to the US! 😉 Life is all about living!!!

I did manage a little bit of OWS training today though…

20120719-183933.jpg (just maybe not the right type)

Off to Brussels in the morning – for a few hours – then Amsterdam. Good night!

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