Day 22, Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam

July 20, 2012

I miss my dogs. And water/swimming. And peanut butter. And feeling clean/really clean clothes.

Today was quite a busy day! Three countries a matter of a day… A few hours, really.

We snuck out of our shared hostel room in Luxembourg around 4:45 am, checked out by 5 and were waiting for the bus to pick us up by 5:36 this morning.

We made an early train so we’d have some time to spend in Brussels before heading to Amsterdam. When we got off the train, all we saw was rain. Lots and lots of rain. We basically took a walk around a few short blocks outside (almost slipped on the sidewalk – of course because Europe + sidewalks + rain = slippage) before making our way back inside to find that we yet again had to pay for the restrooms. Failed attempt at Brussels put us on the next train to Amsterdam. We had great conversation with our seat neighbors on this ride. A woman and her daughter who moved just outside of the city of Amsterdam a year ago for her husbands work were coming back from a short vacation with the woman’s two sisters who were in town from the US to visit. We bonded over how inconsiderate lots of people are and other absurdities. They gave us some American magazines they had finished and we parted ways.

I had the most amazing falafel pita with tons of hummus and delicious veggies for an early dinner when we arrived. YUM.


Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. I like it here. There are tons of pretty little bridges and rivers along streets and houseboats. Tons of people ride bikes, often two+ to a bike! We saw many moms riding around with a child in front and a child behind. I even saw one bike that was sort of like a double seater but this mom managed to have three kids and the groceries on this bicycle. No need for a car here!





I found some cool graffiti:



Then we went to Heineken for brewery tour number two of the trip. It wasn’t quite as educational as the Guinness factory tour but they did give us plenty of beer and that’s really all that matters.









Time to wander and then to sleep. Good night from Amsterdam where they speak lots of English in many different accents.


6 thoughts on “Day 22, Luxembourg, Brussels, Amsterdam

    • Of all places in Amsterdam, I didn’t really like the red light district at all… The rest of Amsterdam was amazing and definitely got me hooked!

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