Day 23, Amster[d]am!

July 21, 2012

I love Amsterdam. What a neat city. I could definitely come back here, maybe even live here for some short time.

Today was Kelly’s last day on this crazy European adventure. We left the hotel this morning and it wasn’t long before we stepped into a very aesthetically pleasing bakery a few blocks on our way. Everything looked so good so we promised we’d stop back on our way back and get some yummy chocolates. I may as well spill the bad news now, on our way home the shop had already closed! Very sad. A man standing near by saw my dramatic disappointment and got a good kick out of the minor show.



Then we went to the Museumplein and took our photos at the infamous letters and saw some other neat buildings and houses.






As we continued our walk we came across so many awesome little art galleries. The area where we found the galleries was a beautiful little street along a canal with some super interesting and impressive art. I love it. Here is some cool money art from one artist (the artist is the guy on the far left in the first photo):








Then I saw a store you would love, Aubrey Bennett:


The day just kept getting better. We wandered through the Waterlooplein outdoor market and found some really cool little things. I got something for you, mom. You better like it because it’s heavy and I have to lug it around for another three weeks. AND THEN, I GOT THIS:

Ha. Just kidding. But how cute!? Indie and I fell in love and played for a good fifteen minutes.

20120722-004843.jpg Not the most attractive photo but absolutely adorable puppy!!

I saw some more super cool graffiti.

20120722-005009.jpg Teapots, bicycles, and love.


We strolled along more beautiful canals, passed more beautiful streets, saw some more beautiful and unique doors etc.





20120722-005321.jpg (never mind the couch casually floating down that canal)

There are so many interesting and funky stores here. We explored many of them… Such as the homemade candy store, the store with a scaled model of Amsterdam made out of little orange paper figures, and the juice store where I got a delicious green juice of heaven for a good little detoxing.




We also went to the Anne Frank House Museum today. That was a very somber and dolorous thing to experience. It was great to see and undoubtedly worth it but boy is it chilling to actually walk the steps she and her family walked up as they went in to hiding. Wow.

After that, we made our way back toward our hotel walking through Vondel Park, a gorgeous park teeming with such a variety of interesting people to people watch! Lots of fun and very beautiful.

Then one more fun thing before making it to our hotel.


When we got back to the hotel and relaxed a bit, Kelly decided to stay in, pack up, and head to bed early because she has to head off pretty early in the morning to catch her flight. I went out for a bit to meet up with Sam, a good family friend from Ireland who is the son of one of my dads best friends from their college days. He’s studying for his masters in Law in Amsterdam for a year so I met up with him for a bit with a few of his friends at an awesome bar on the water (like most things here) and ended the night with the full Amsterdam experience of riding on the back of his bike to catch the tram!



Goodnight from Amsterdam! This city has definitely made my top three (hmm…maybe five?) list of places in Europe so far.

5 thoughts on “Day 23, Amster[d]am!

  1. looks awesome! its like your in a different place everyday! must be going by so fast! I saw Lyla and the fam at camp this week. she loves camp!

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