Day 24, Amsterdam, Copenhagen

July 22, 2012

Sorry for the delay! No Internet last night and yesterday was a travel day so it wasn’t too packed with detail.

Kelly left me dark and early. I enjoyed my sleep in, had breakfast, checked, and headed up toward Central Station. I took the ferry to the Eye and spent a few hours in the Stanley Kubrick exhibit they have going on before heading to the airport. The exhibit was so interesting and engaging. I had no idea he was the director of so many nifty movies. The exhibit had the twin’s dresses from The Shining, statues from A Clockwork Orange, masks from Eyes Wide Shut, and so much more. It displayed each of the movies in its section with photographs, set designs, and notes as well. Super interesting and fun!!






After a leisurely hour of reading on a bench outside the Eye, I made my way to the airport. When I arrived in Copenhagen my friend Lea met me at the airport! I met Lea when she was an au pair in New York but she came back to Denmark just over a year ago so it was so nice seeing her!! We grabbed a bite to eat and headed to her friends apartment where we are staying for the next few days.

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