Day 26, Copenhagen

July 24, 2012

Today started with a yummy Danish breakfast:


It’s somewhat hard to blog (hence the late entry) while I’m here in Copenhagen because of a few reasons. Those reasons being:
1) I’m just simply having too much fun with Lea.
2) We are biking all over the place… It’s exhausting and hard to take photos of everything while riding.
3) I’m fully immersed… What that really means is that it’s hard to think about blogging with all the ice cream I’ve consumed!!

My Copenhagen blogs (as you’ve noted probably already) are/will be somewhat shorter but that does not by any means mean that Copenhagen is less eventful. If anything, it’s been the most eventful because I’m living the Copenhagen lifestyle (which I LOVE)!

Here are a few photos from the day:
















20120726-000708.jpg (the REAL Little Mermaid)



Copenhagen is such a great city. I’m loving experiencing it through the eyes of my friends who have such a passion for the city as well as a rich knowledge of so many aspects of the city, it’s history, and it’s culture. Its such an inviting place full of individuality, free spirit, history, success, determination… Lots of great things. The city feels a lot like Amsterdam, maybe just slightly more organized (I haven’t had a heart attack for nearly being run over by a bike here… Then again, I’m on the bike here). Lea and I are having such a great time, it has been so great catching up and enjoying the beautiful weather. Lea, Mariann, and I ended today at a bar called “Wall Street,” which happened to be so completely not Wall Street-esque, but we had so many great intellectual conversations about history (probably about every part of the world), politics, religion, education, government… All the things you are precisely supposed to not discuss in social situations, though we had such fun with it – Lea says I can pull off the Scandinavian mentality and life style. It is great here 🙂

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