Day 27, Copenhagen

July 25, 2012

Another slow enjoyable morning – YUM.

Today was so great – Lea, Mariann, and I made those (above) and enjoyed every bite. Then we biked over to Islands Brygge which is a little public water front park and swimming area. Copenhagen earned major brownie points with me today. How creative and cool are they to have built a floating (obviously) dock with two small children’s swimming pools on it then a long lap-like cut out so that you can swim in the open water but in the confined area, like an open water pool! Then, a giant ship-like structure to jump and dive off into the water. These people have got it down! It felt sooo good getting in the water and it was a beautiful day!



We spent a good few hours there swimming, napping, reading… Being Copenhagen hipsters. After we got our wonderful fill of vacation mode, we bikes over to the shopping street to take a stroll then grab dinner and ice cream. We went to King’s Garden after (gorgeous!) as the sun was setting. It is a beautiful park full of people hanging out in the grass… Good times. We also saw a weather man set up in the park presenting the weather.




I really love Copenhagen. It is a great, cultural, lively, and positive environment. I’m going to miss Lea, as I am off to Sweden tomorrow. It’s been a fantastic few days of chilling out and relaxing… And biking and eating ice cream! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Day 27, Copenhagen

  1. I love

    1. The swimming area
    2. That no one seems concerned about securing their bicycle
    3. The girl behind you on the lawn got caught scratching her butt

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