Day 28, Copenhagen, Gothenburg

July 26, 2012

One last bakery breakfast with Lea and Marieann this morning followed by a nice stroll through a beautiful park in Fredericksburg. The park has a tree along one of its windy paths that is a pacifier tree. It is such a smart and creative concept! The idea is that when a child (a toddler) reaches an age at which he or she should give up its pacifier, they take it to the pacifier tree and hang it, sometimes with a note attached, as a sort of rite of passage moving into the next chapter of their life as a “big kid.” Lea translated some of the notes for me, they were adorable!






Lea and I returned my bike and headed for the train. Riding a bike (those who know me know my relationships with bikes…) with a fully packed 70 liter backpack was quite the thrill:

20120727-122024.jpg we said our goodbyes – sadly – and I headed off to Gothenburg. Lea is a definite future travel buddy. We had such a good time full of many laughs!

As much as I already miss Lea, I’m off to see Susanna! Susanna was also an au pair in New York last year and she went home in February. When I met her in the Hugenot Children’s library, we instantly clicked and she easily became one of my best friends (until I met Jacqui – then it became a trio package deal!). I’m so very excited to see Sus again though!!

She picked me up from the station in her cute little town, we made a few stops, then headed home. Her family has a great house in a breathtaking area. They have a gorgeous yard and garden and live just a block from a fantastic lake! Her dad prepared a delicious dinner for us all (Susanna, her mom, dad, two sisters, and myself) with tons of fresh vegetables and other yummy things. Naturally, after dinner we went down to the lake to swim. The water temperature was 19/20 C… I haven’t bothered to convert but it felt perfect. Susanna’s dad and a few other men in the neighborhood built a sauna that floats on the lake. AMAZING. We alternated swimming in sauna for a while.



Another perfect day (brought to an end, after swimming, with tea and chocolate and talking) 🙂

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