Day 29, Kungsbacka

July 27, 2012

Susanna had to go to work early this morning so she left me to sleep in and relax. When I woke up, I had breakfast outside in the yard and stayed laying in the grass reading for a few hours.

20120728-111306.jpg (Doesn’t do the yard justice because this is just a photo from my reading perspective of the front half… Not including the back with the beautiful flowers!)
A bit later, Susanna’s dad Eric, and sister Veronika, and I went to a sort of cliff filled beach on the west coast of southern Sweden in the Kattegat Sea. It was absolutely breathtaking.


20120728-111624.jpg Laying out in the sunshine on a beautiful day… Perfect. I got to do some real swimming too!!! I did some loops in the little bay we were perched along. I wish I had my underwater camera with me, it was sort of magical. Imagine a beautiful meadow that exists submerged under crystal clear water (similar horticulture to a field of golds and greens swaying in the wind) filled with little fish weaving in and out of the strands of seaweed and other plant life, tiny crabs standing with claws wide open ready for the right victim to swim along for him to grab, and little white jellyfish inching their way along, not disturbing anyone in their path (not me, at least). Mmm… Close enough to heaven for me. it was fantastic.


When we left, we met Susanna in town and headed off with her to pick up cider. Driving around here is so peaceful – its gorgeous!



20120728-113555.jpg When we got home, we walked down to the lake and jumped in for a dip and relaxed on the dock for an hour before dinner.

We had another delicious meal and Susanna and I headed out to meet her friends.

Apparently it was only fitting for me to have what was basically translated into as a “jellyfish shot” tonight.

Jacqui Venteman, we REALLLLY wish you were here with us! What a great day.

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