Day 31, Gothenburg

July 29, 2012

After breakfast and a morning swim in the lake, Susanna and I packed up our things to take to her apartment in Gothenburg where we are staying for the next few days. We headed in to the city and went to Liseberg, an old (but still just as fun) theme park. We met up with Linda, one of Susanna’s au pair friends from the states, and did all the ridiculous rides. I say ridiculous because despite my participation in the riding, I seemed to say consistently after each one how stupid it is that we would ride something like that (dangerous, etc.). I guess the thrill and fun cancels that out prior to riding.

Susanna’s family and her friend Johanna’s family and I had a competition. We played five then park games and totaled our scores for an overall winner. The first game we played was a shooting game. I came had the second highest score, second to Susanna’s dad, by one point. Aubrey Bennett, I hope you’re proud of me – now you know that even though I despise guns I am more than able to shoot one. The other four games we chose for the competition were the typical bop this or roll that type games.

We grabbed dinner, headed to the apartment, and relaxed.


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