Day 32, Gothenburg

July 30, 2012

Susanna had to work early this morning so I slept in and took my time to wander to her work to meet her when she finished. From there we went on the canal boat tour and learned a little history. I also learned that Sweden is the largest consuming country of bananas – they consume 28 bananas per second in this country.


20120731-140004.jpg (the canals were slightly flooded due to great amounts of rain so we were told to get on the floor and duck our heads when we passed under some of the bridges)




20120731-140232.jpg (the fish house)


20120731-144033.jpg (Sweden, like Copenhagen… And lots of places in Europe has smart street planning.)

We went grocery shopping tonight and stocked up on chocolate, watched a movie (Susanna had never seen When Harry Met Sally), and headed for bed.

5 thoughts on “Day 32, Gothenburg

  1. Do you like black licorice? Chocolate-covered black licorice is yummmm, and maybe you could find in Sweden if you’re interested.

  2. My friend stuffed a piece of salted black licorice in my mouth and in the process said, “this is the best, you’ll love it!” boy was she wrong! probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted! I am not a licorice fan… but they have tons here in Sweden! Want some?

  3. Love the black licorice (not too too salty), but the most special is when it’s covered in chocolate 😉 only if you have room…looking forward to your return btw.

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