Day 34, Göteborg

August 1, 2012

Susanna has 48 hour passes that she gets to try out through her work so her and I took full advantage of having these. We began our morning on the Hop on Hop off train that takes you around the city and tells you all about everything I heard a lot of stuff that I had already leaned on the boat tour but it was a fun ride and nice different perspective of the city. Following the train ride, our next stop was the Maritime museum which was pretty neat. It is a floating museum in a bunch of old ships.


20120806-081809.jpg (sailor Susanna)



After the Maritime museum we went to the Gothenburg art museum to check out a photography exhibit they have going on at the moment. There were some fantastic pieces and some which lacked any oomph. Susanna had to leave to work after that exhibit but I hung around for a few more hours. They also had a Warhol and Bacon exhibit which was fun. I enjoyed the rest of the museum as well.



20120806-085054.jpg (Something about a smashed brain or an egg head or something.)



20120806-085246.jpg (the Madonna, for you, Joseph Madonna!)



I met Susanna after work and we headed back to her house for the night.


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