Day 35, Kungsbacka

August 2, 2012

Today was lots of fun. We slept in and had pancakes then got ready to go horseback riding! We went to Susanna’s friends house where we met Dave and… Um… I forgot. Susanna, what was the name of the other horse??

Regardless, we rode Dave. He was pretty cool. We bonded 🙂

And talk about Susanna in her element, she is all about these horses. We had a blast!


20120806-090720.jpg (Kerstin, Susanna’s mom, didn’t ride but she did have fun in the stables)

After riding, we went grocery shopping. I stoked up on my Swedish chocolate and got some groceries because I made dinner tonight! We had Susanna’s friend Johanna and her dad Matz over for dinner as well. I made a curry quinoa and some grilled veggie skewers (yes, simple but good enough) and we had grilled halumi cheese and guacamole and corn cobs. During dinner I was asked if this was a typical American meal. I said no, ha. They (Johanna and Matz mainly) said when they heard I was cooking they were wondering what kind of food the American girl was going to cook. Apparently they were expecting hot dogs and friend chicken and the likes. I shot down that stereotype pretty quickly. Dinner was great though, especially since we used fresh carrots and tomatoes and green beans and garlic from their garden. I love it 🙂

after dinner we played a game called Kubb. It was pretty intense… Maybe just because the parents were all about winning… But tons of fun, lots of laughter. I would explain more detail but I’m trying to get some blog entries done while I sit in the airport waiting for my flight to Dublin.

Another great day in the books.

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