Day 37, Göteborg

August 4, 2012

We explored the last bit of Gothenburg today and had lunch in a cute little cafe with GIANT CINNAMON ROLLS.



20120806-093616.jpg (This made me think of you, mom)

20120806-093651.jpg (This too, mom. Flavored oils and vinegars)

20120806-093727.jpg (This made me think of you, Jacqui Venteman haha)

20120806-094232.jpg (This makes me laugh)

20120806-093816.jpg (This made me think you you, Aubrey Bennett)

20120806-093916.jpg (This made me laugh and think of you, Angela Gallo)

20120806-094010.jpg (Though this isn’t completely Gothenburg relevant, the Waikiki hostel fb page posted this the other day and made me think of you, Matt Billman)

20120806-094142.jpg (This made me think of you, dad)

20120806-094333.jpg (Houses for sale. This made me miss The Couch and think of you, Ruttenbergs)

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the grass in the park after Susanna went to work. Johanna came and met me at Susanna’s apartment and we went out for drinks with a few of her friends and eventually met up with Susanna once she finished work. I must say, I have had some of the most amazing conversation about American politics with so many people in Europe. Sweden did not disappoint on this front either.

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