Day 39, Göteborg, Dublin

August 6, 2012

The alarm went off at 3:20 am. And again at 3:25 am. And again at 3:30 am, until we finally got up and ready to leave. Susanna walked me down to the bus station to catch my 4:30 bus to the airport. I already sort of forgot how it felt to be walking around with a huge pack of everything on my back. It’s a sort of bitter sweet feeling of excitement and pain… My gluttonous self likes it enough though.

Sad goodbyes and two flights later, I have arrived back in Dublin! That makes 31 flights since the start of 2012.

I am pretty sure that the little island on the right is Ireland’s Eye, the island I swam from in the race when I first arrived in Europe.

Guess who was waiting for me when I got back to Ana’s?


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