Day 40, Dublin

August 7, 2012

Wow is Europe a whole lot different when you’re completely solo, after consistently being with someone along the entire way thus far.

Ted is even nicer without Roxie around. He cuddled with me last night – and had breakfast with me.


I made a list of changes I want to make when I arrive back in NY and back to my daily routine. I need to start planting some trees (one of the things on my list). I have been on 32 flights in 2012 so far. That’s a grossly large carbon foot print – well worth it, don’t get me wrong, but I am going to try to make up for that one. And I want to garden fruit and vegetable trees and plants. I love the fresh garden veggies I’ve had in Europe.


I fly back to New York in five days. It’s been a long and wonderful trip so far and I’m looking forward to the last few slow and relaxed days. Though I am getting ready to enjoy my own bed again.

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