Day 43 & on. Dún Laoghaire to HOME

August 10, 2012 (or rather late – October 10, 2012)

I seemed to have been carried way away with the endless fun I had at the end of my trip – not to say the entire trip wasn’t an absolute BLAST. The last few days I spent in Ireland were mainly spent with family and family friends in Dun Laoghaire and Bray. I spent more time with Mark and Leah doing wonderfully adventurous things here and there. I also was glad to see the rest of the Kenny family (dads long time family friends) / Sam, Catherine, Oceán, and Colum.

Leaving Ireland was bitter sweet and returning home took some getting used to but I wouldn’t have changed a bit of this trip. Spending time with Kelly in the beginning was so great, and the memories made meeting up with friends all over (both new and old) and from all over will stay with me forever. My advice to all of you readers out there…. Get up and get out there! The world is such a beatific place full of endless intrigue. I hope you all enjoy it more through your own eyes (not just my photos) soon!

Until the next trip… x


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