Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thanks as always to my dad who has the pleasure of constantly driving me to and from the airport at all hours of the day. This morning we headed out the door just after 5 am. My flight route was LGA to ATL, then ATL to BERMUDA! I got a lot of good reading done on the trip – by that I mean I decided what I want to ask for from Santa for Christmas this year:


I also decided what to get my grandfather for his 80th birthday this year (not implying anything other then how funny it would be to see Mike with spiky red hair!):

The flights went well despite my unfortunate boring row mates – I took advantage of nap time so it all worked out. The second flight showed a movie called Safety Not Guaranteed which was actually fairly decent. It was about a man who believes he is being followed along with a few other conspiracy theories so he builds a time machine to travel back and of course as usual love happens along the way. Sort of a modern spin on K-Pax… Ish. I don’t know. It was okay.

I met so many people on the flight and in the customs line who were also flying down for the race — the Bermuda Sound Swim // my excuse to come to Bermuda for a long weekend. Kim and Rob and Marshall and the cute older couple from Alabama were all so nice and friendly. I’m looking forward to the event!

Once through customs I walked outside to meet my host. Now a bit of clarification – I am coach surfing on this trip. What is that, you ask? Well it is this awesome site that links people of kindred wandering souls together when traveling. Couch surfers are both surfers and hosts… People looking for a free and convenient place to stay, and likewise those willing to host people in their homes (to sleep on their couch or in spare bedroom) while on their adventures. So back to it, I walked outside to meet Terri whom I’ve been e-mailing with for the past few weeks in regards to staying with her and her roommate Albert. Terri was nice enough to pick me up from the airport after she finished work! We headed back to her apartment so she could show me around a bit, then swung by the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. Terri and Albert have three adorable cats… So of course I made new friends. This is Charlie, the baby:

Here is the Anglican (I believe) Cathedral which is conveniently located for site-seeing purposes directly across the street from the market:

When Terri pulled out the plates for dinner I was beyond excited! Can you guess why? Well obviously because she has fiesta wear!!

20121011-230953.jpg I was happy from this because fiesta is all we have at my moms house in Florida and it is the greatest dish wear ever…. Made me feel very much at home.

I have a biggg day of solo sight seeing planned out for tomorrow so it’s off to bed for now. This weekend is looking like its going to be yet another glorious one! Goodnight friends 🙂

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