Bermuda Day Three

Saturday, October 13, 2012

So the Christian Fellowship man who Agnel didn’t sit well with on the bus yesterday, he and I shared a ride this morning. We didn’t sit next to each other but we did acknowledge each other with a smile of recognition from a distance.

The earliest bus to where I needed to go was at 7:15 so I headed out early and joined the others in the dark wet morning. Thanks to inclement weather, early snorkeling was canceled but what better this to do then take advantage of being a swimmer with time to kill at the lovely Grotto Hotel who is hosting the weened events. I though it was a good idea… So I wandered around and found the beautiful little beach and took a swim. I jumped in with a husband and wide from Long Island. More super friendly people. This event is officially an annual event for me from here on out!


A little later a whole bunch of swimmers were shuttled over to a swim spot to get some good time in the water. It was so rough and choppy… Washing machine water!!! So fun. Not many other people looked at it as being quite as fun as I found it to be. There are so many cool people here this weekend for the event. I absolutely love Rob and Kim, Brenda and Danny, Marshall and the Dallas crew, and obviously Rusty from Tod’s Point. It has been so wonderful meeting people and networking. Anyway, back to the swimming: I SWAM WITH A SEA TURTLE!! Mission is soooo complete!! I am totally planning to just ride the waves tomorrow and not race at all. It is the perfect place to use this “race” as an excuse to be a part of a great weekend in a beautiful place with fantastic and memorable people. I love it all.

When the shuttles brought us back to the Grotto Bay Resort, I walked over to the famous Swizzle restaurant to meet Rusty and the Connecticut crew for lunch. I arrived a little early and saw Brenda and Danny there so I joined them for a little chat while I waited. I seriously can’t get over how awesome so many people I’ve met here are. I networked hardcore with them and learned a lot from speaking with them. I love them already. Lunch was great – I was so surprised to find that one f the Connecticut group members is Caitlin who is the Greenwich Y masters coach. Great seeing her! There are also a few CIBBOWS friends here which was a nice surprise! Rusty and I went for a quick ~mile swim after lunch before our mandatory swim meeting. The washing machine was turned up a few notches… It was crazy out there! Fun fun. I wished John Hughes were here to play around in the water – you would love it PIC!!!

Libby, Rusty, and my self above. Rusty said “be happy!” below… Not hard to do here, especially with that balcony view!

So just a suggestion to race directors out there: all events should have race briefings like the Round the Sound has. Though the times and plans were changed a good amount, the eventual race briefing was hosted in the aquarium (um, awesome? Yeah!) and were given beer and dark and stormy’s as we waited in line to sign in. The meeting was held in the bird sanctuary. And the goodie bags gave us cookies and rum too. Seriously, so freaking awesome.





(Gooodie baggggg)
I hopped the bus back to Hamilton, ate some pasta, and packed my bags. Three swims today was a lot. I’m exhausted and the event hasn’t even begun. Water and sleep tonight!!!
Good night friends 🙂
And good luck to all my new wonderful friends in their distance of choice tomorrow. Swim swim swim! 🙂

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