Bermuda Day Four

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The buses don’t run early on island time. Cab to the Grotto! Steven was my cab driver this morning and he was awesome. He was born and raised here and so was his mother but his father was Portuguese. He, like most other Bermudian’s I’ve spoken with, told me incredible personal stories and local history and so many fascinating things. He told me a bunch of places he’d been in the US amongst other places so we bonded over that… Because who doesn’t love some good travel talk!?
Anywho, I had a little bit of time to kill before the buses were to take us 10kers to the start of the race. I made friends with a cat and some chickens and roosters (so upset I accidentally deleted those photos – the chickens literally came right next to me when I sat down with Mr. Kitty). Here are some cute babies following their mama though:


Saying that the winds and waves and chop this morning was rough is quite the understatement. It was wild out there!

That picture does not do it justice in the slightest. Thanks to this inclement weather the race distances were changed up. The 10k was now doing a 5k and the 7.25k, 4k, and 2k ers all did a 2k, then they still held the .8k as it was. Cutting our race in half made a lot of people happy… Not myself because I was sort of banking on the distance to weed some people out for me. My bus friend Jason and I decided they should allow us to loop the course but that was a no go. Oh well – still fun! I was WAYYY overheated anyway. I may have passed out had we kept going. Mmmm… And to think it is just the start of the cold water season 🙂
Our entire New York and Connecticut group sported our awesome camo shirts that Libby (Rusty’s wife) made for us after everyone finished.


Despite all the changes in plans and chaos in the morning, the race still came together nicely and it was such a wonderful community event. We had a nice awards ceremony then I headed back with the group Grotto Bay to get my stuff. I checked out the caves before I left Grotto and took a quick dip in the natural cave swimming pool!

I then headed back to Rusty’s place where we all relaxed and shared stories before a big dinner at the Barracuda Grill. (I’m pretty sleepy so to be quick here…) Dinner was great – we sang happy birthday, happy anniversary, and passed around photos (electronically of course – how else!). On our way out I saw my bus friend Jason and got his card so we can coordinate for him to come join some NY swims!
I had yet another lovely talked with the cab driver on the way back. His name is Al. He lived in Manhattan for 25 years. Another incredible man full of fascinating stories!!

This weekend was one of the greatest weekends ever for me. I loved traveling alone, I loved meeting so many interesting and incredible people, I loved the water. I’m sold! I’ll be back next year. Back to the grind in NY tomorrow.

Good night friends 🙂
(From my room for my final night in Bermuda — not a couch!)


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