Bermuda Day Five

Monday, October 15, 2012

All good things must eventually come to an end… Or something like that. I like to think one good ending is the start of yet another wonderful new adventure. But that’s just my little positive two cents for now.

Since I woke up to this:
I think it is pretty self explanatory what I did first thing. I went down to the pool, of course!!
I am pretty confident that I could stay here a good long while now that the sun has come out! Unfortunately, I had to get back upstairs to leave as Rusty’s family checked out. When they headed to the airport, I went to the Grotto Bay Resort for another little swim.


20121015-124822.jpg (I could easily stay here all day too if I could.) I said goodbye to the animals:


I’m so glad I bumped in to Jason, Brenda, Danny, Tom, Marshall and Gigi (from Dallas), and a few others on my way out. The people that were a part of the event (also those who weren’t) really made the weekend great! I grabbed my things from the lovely Eugene at the door of the Grotto and headed to the Swizzle for lunch before the airport.

The Swizzle has one of the greatest veggie burgers I have ever eaten. It’s made with lentils, veggies, and curry… Yum! I also had a frozen Swizzle to do Bermuda proper by swaggering my way out – as the saying goes (though I didn’t really swagger from my one).

This weekend was phenomenal. Off to the airport now heading back to New York. Safe travels to everyone else heading home and see ya next time, Bermuda! 🙂



My flight home was full of the same people from the flight over. A lot of us even sat in the same seats and rows. This time around was a lot more fun (despite the fact that it was to leave the island) since everyone knew each other. I sat next to Kim and Rob again on the flight. Lots more laughs… I can’t believe Rob got to the seats first — the only race I will credit him for winning this weekend! After saying good bye to everyone for the tenth (…hyperbole…) time, we finally all parted ways.

A flight out of Atlanta wouldn’t be complete without a delay. Almost home.

When we landed at LaGuardia we had the pleasure of sitting on the Tarmac for a half hour waiting to be able to pull in to the gate. Gotta love the end of vacations. Glad I got to catch up a bit with Jacqui in Australia though during that free time!

Home again, home again! Until next time!!

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