Oakland Beach, Rye, NY

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today was a beautiful day for a swim… So swim is what we did! Myself and a few swimming buddies (Charlotte, Ed, and Frank) did our 4 hour qualifier swim in sub 61F water. We planned to do this swim in Old Greenwich at Tod’s Point but the woman at the gate made it very clear that passes were still being checked and that we were not making it in for our swim. Plan B was Playland! The water temperature averaged between 54-56F… Balmy! It was wonderful. We did a nice long swim north along the coast to Manursing and back then swam the second two hours in the harbor at Playland. There were tons of dogs playing on the beach – some even joined us in swimming, like Frank’s dog Eartha. I think all four of us – and Charlotte’s dad Steve – all had a blast out there as our little colorful capped dolphin pod weaved in and out of the water in search of the warm spots. Completing this 4 hour swim today brought each of us one step closer to a finished Manhattan Island Marathon Swim application.



Charlotte and I made fun of Ed for being a cOLD man as he had blue lips while we enjoyed every second of our favorite element!
Just thought I’d share this minor yet fantastic (every bit except being covered head to toe in sea lice bites) swim adventure 🙂

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