Honduras, Day 1

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today I headed on down to Honduras (I kept a journal while I was away – so not really today)!  


I connected through Atlanta and the flights went smoothly, nothing too exciting. Oh! Except for the woman who sort of harassed me. Michele, with one l, who had a few too many Blue Moons basically told me how I would be robbed, and/or kidnapped, and/or murdered as she repeatedly said that the 32 years she had on me were far more than any life experience I could possibly have had. Long story short, after she told me how naive I was and wished me good then continued to loudly tell her friend a few rows behind me, I politely asked her to stop talking about me and that I’d really appreciate it (with a smile, of course). She didn’t like that so she started yelling at me, “Hey, get over here!” so I went to the front of the plane and told Brenda the flight attendant (who was already aware of what had been going on) and sat the rest of the flight in first class! Sometimes I really love Delta. Brenda and David were the greatest flight crew I’ve had… and David was on my flight home as well but I’ll get to that later – ya know, since I’m still alive to tell it 😉

When I got to the customs line, I noticed the woman’s backpack in front of me in line had “Jaynsen” written on it and I recognized that name from e-mails coordinated with the organization I was to meet up with so I started conversation. Sure enough Jaynsen was one of the many amazing people I was about to travel with over the next two weeks. She introduced me to Sug and Pat who were also in line – our groups three incredible nurses! Through security, baggage claim, and the hang time as we waited for a few other flights to complete our team, I met Ben, Bruce, Tom, Jesus, Leah, Richard, and Bud. Alyssa and Isaac joined us the next day. We packed up three trucks and drove a few hours to Helen’s Villa on the beach in Sambo Creek where we’d stay for the night. Image(Myself, Dr. Ben, and Dr. Leah) Image(Dr. Tom and Dr. Richard)


We arrived to Helen’s past dark but that didn’t stop me from jumping in the ocean! The water was so warm and super salty but felt wonderful. We ordered some food as we continued to get to know one another (those who didn’t already), and headed to bed for an early day to follow. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks with these people – they have each impressed me tremendously already!



(One of the all time best parts about Central and South America – the hammocks!!)Image


Buenas Noches world 🙂


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