The Bahamas then Park City and Deer Valley, Utah

January 7-13, 2014

So I made the resolution to stay on top of my blog more. I’ve not been doing so well with that. Here I go!

The Bahamas was an absolutely fantastic trip. I loved spending time with the family I went with – they are such kind, generous, and happy people. It couldn’t have been a better week. We stayed at Atlantis Resort and did everything that comes along with that experience; water slides, jet skiing, snorkeling, dolphin swimming, etc. I got in a bunch of open water swims while I was down the too… and had a few sea turtle and sting ray sightings during them! My favorite!



We were on the island for NYE which was really neat because there was an extravagant fireworks show to be perfectly seen from our balcony! The seal in the photo above also made my trip. Can you guess why? That seal is the seal that was the pup in the bathtub in the beginning of the movie “Audrey,” one of my favorite movies growing up. So cool.

I returned home to Florida for three days before flying off on my annual ski trip in Utah with family. You may remember my post about it from last year (there is a photo of me sitting in the snow in my bikini!). It’s always a fun week out West. Deer Valley Resort is my favorite place to ski, and spending so much time with family I don’t often see is always nice. And our apartment has a hot tub on the porch… no complaints there!




I found a perfect little lake to swim in (see it in the above photo??), but there was a fence and a “No Swimming!” sign up 😞 oh well.

Well, that was my start to the new year! Additionally to those two trips, lots more has also happened so far in 2014. I’ll make another post about the rest later.

Hope your new year is going just as swimmingly! 😊 ✌️

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