The Ever Inspirational Ocean

March 6, 2014

A few weeks ago I went up to New Hampshire for the weekend to visit a friend. We put her dog in the car and drove up to coastal Maine to sit by the water and enjoy the warm sunshine. This little town of York was so quaint and seemed a perfect spot for a lively summer evening.

Anywho, I was inspired by the glistening ocean’s push and pull along the waters edge. And so a few days later I wrote a poem.

I have never shared my poetry or writings with many people, so I hope you like this little piece of my bravery.

“You Are My Sea” (DCC 2/24/14)

watching the waves crash upon the rocks
as they slide through the kelpy forest
that guards the base of the world above

the motion of wonder and curiosity
flows through each millimeter of stone
the water steals on it’s way up

in this adventure of the colliding worlds
from the endless below
in to the familiar earthy here

the water learns of a new existence
it has never before felt
in this exact form
and composition

and in simultaneous opposition
as I watch you
take in this microcosmic journey
I cannot help but to imagine

I am the water
exploring the new above
and you are my stone
upon which I inch higher
and linger

hoping to cling tightly
for as long as the sun
// the troll of the upper world //


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