Late Night NY Thought

March 11, 2014

Late night thinking influenced my desire to inspire.

I think everyone should read Chapter Three: Of Virtue in Work, from The Bhagavad-Gita.

I believe everyone should read the book in its entirety, but chapter three was one of the most thought provoking chapters for me. It brought an awareness causing me to appreciate and value the strong work ethic I developed from my wonderful Costello genetics.

I love this line:
“Work is more excellent than idleness;
The body’s life proceeds not, lacking work.”

What’s even more excellent in my opinion is that work is not defined from a cookie cutter mold. My work keeps me moving and smiling.

Sweet sleeps, big world… Hope yours are better than mine, as mine is under the influence of mrsa at the moment 😷 ughhhhh.


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