Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

6 June 2014

Funny title, right? Well it happens to be the title of a book I just began.

When the GI threw the word ulcer out at me today, this book title instantly reeled me in as I perused the list of top books in each category in the iTunes store. I’m not far in to the book at all yet but it is pretty fascinating thus far. The common theme up to this point (this being the point at which I have so far come – aka still the beginning) seems to be the tolls of stress. I love how the author blatantly compares the functioning mind of Neanderthals to that of our current methods of thinking. He calls out how our silly wasted time of thinking of that which we cannot control ultimately controls us and we enable it to do so, rather than making changes early on to prevent those stresses from coming about later in life as realities. It makes sense how he puts it.

The topic of stress got me thinking…

Who says NYE is the only time to make goals and resolutions? Not I! I am dedicating my summer to positive changes. It’s easy to get off track and forget to do the things you most enjoy, wouldn’t you agree? Well that’s how I feel and I’m more aware now than ever that I’ve slightly lost track of what brings me joy. Here’s to steps in the right direction!

Number one on my list: finish books I’ve started. This being the first one, since it is my most recent and now I’m in to it. Anyone care to read along with me? I like book clubs.

Number two is happening in the kitchen tomorrow…. It’s smelling like a good Saturday to bake some yummies. (Here’s where those photos are going to come in that I mentioned in my last post.) I just love food and playing with recipes! You’ll see.

My cousins wonderful girlfriend posted this the other day and I thought it’d be perfect to share to end this little post. Thanks, Jordan!


On that note, I hope you all make some new goals or reevaluate passions you’ve lost sight of as well. And let me know if you read the book, too. Goodnight, beautiful world!

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