Here Again, There Again

22 June 2014

It’s 10:45 pm and I am exhausted. The past week has been super packed with highs and lows. The highest high was quitting my terrible job! Glad to be moving on to greater things. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly timing wise either.

I got to go help out for Stage 3 of the 8 Bridges swim (one of my all time favorites and run by the greatest people) and spend the day on the water in multiple forms – boat, paddle, and swimming – with some of the most kind and fun-loving people I know! Ed finished his 4 stages strong, Andrew began the first half of his endeavor impressively, and John set a record! Just to name a few neat details.



Yes, that is his swim suit that Ed is holding above his head. And Ed, since I know you’re reading this… You’re welcome. Told you I was spreading the fun 🙂

I got to spend lots of time this weekend with my friends from Ireland now that their back for the summer!




Claire, Andrew, Kevin, and I went out with all the others as well. What a great night! Many more to come.

Well, with all that now just a memory off I go again tomorrow on the next adventure. I am flying to Honduras tomorrow to visit my friend Andrew. He is down there for a bit to get dive master scuba certified so I figured I’d join him for a week to get myself certified. Following that I am off to Mississippi to see my friend Stephanie, then Charleston for a few days with my mom. Lots of updates to come!

Sweet dreams, world. x

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