SCUBA Honduras, Day One

23 June 2014

Okay, so I love Delta and that’s where all my miles are, but man is United on point with something’s. Outlets; wonderful. TVs; I’m indifferent but it’s cool. Gate organization; perfection! Thanks for making my connection the same gate as my arrival flight. Prime.


Last year when I came to Honduras I had an entire row to myself for the flight down. I lucked out again! Slept nearly the entire way on both flights.


We passed over Belize and I got a glimpse of the one of the top ten most famous diving spots: the big blue hole! You should look it up if you have a second. It’s incredible.
And if you’re really interested you should watch the documentary Breathe. It’s about free diver William Trubridge and his incredible feats in a blue hole in the Bahamas. Such a fantastic insight in to a means of pushing ones body and mind… Those of you who know me know how much I love that stuff.


Andrew is on Isla Utilia, that’s where I’m going to meet him and where we’ll be diving.
It’s a bit of a ways to get there. I flew in to Roatan, took a taxi to a ferry, the ferry took me to La Ceiba, then I grabbed another ferry to Utila. Utila is 18 miles of the coast.



I am thrilled to be spending the next week in this paradise. And I can’t wait to eat all the yummy fruits Honduras has to offer. (Side note: I will have pizza soon upon my US return.)

The rock of the first ferry through the waves nearly put me to sleep again. Okay, it did put me to sleep… not almost. But only a little dozing. I glanced behind me and apparently the waves had that effect on everyone 😴

The second ferry was wild. It reminded me of the ferry across Gibraltar Strait except a lot smaller, a lot faster, but equally as rough. Good times! I made friends with a great girl named Emily from Illinois. Her and I had great traveler talk. That’s one of my absolute favorite things about travel – finding these awesome like minded people. It only got better once I got to Utila. Andrew met me at the dock and walked me back to the dive shop (photos tomorrow), which is a perfect island style utopia. It’s a place of living within your means. There is a dock to jump off, a bar, and tons of dive equipment with wonderful happy people all around. And happy dogs. And cheap beer. And again, happy people. Obviously. Anyway! I’m so glad to have this reminder and realty check right now. I realize for most of you reading this a “reality check” might not be how you look at me being on a small island off the coast of Honduras with a bunch of people most of whom are not working but rather just traveling and enjoying LIFE, but for me it is grounding. It reminds me not to settle; it reminds me to avoid and oh or the influence of societal pressures with which I do not agree; it reminds me how little desire I have to go back and get a desk job.

Life is so good. I could not imagine myself with out these experiences. Hope you read this and are inspired to take the plunge. I’ve never been disappointed in a trip I’ve taken, be it planned in advance or spontaneous like this trip in Honduras. Go buy a ticket and LIVE.

Anywho, we sang happy birthday to one of the divers and had a delicious banana bread cake for him. A little queso blanco for dinner & e-mail updates in the living room in Andrew’s apartment. Adventures tomorrow! Good night, friends.


2 thoughts on “SCUBA Honduras, Day One

  1. Keep these reports & photos coming for the rest of us who sit here driving desks! Love the photo of that hole in Belize.

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