SCUBA Honduras, Day Three

25 June 2014

Two things I already know I won’t miss. One: the 6:45 am club music; two: the ants in the bed (yes, ants and lots of them).

I finished my theory work! Christina is an awesome instructor. She’s hilarious. She obviously equalizes (diver joke…because I’m so experienced now). And after lunch I got to get in the water!!

Marc (another instructor) taught me two lessons in one and then took me in the water with Andrew since I was solo in my course. Learned everything and practiced a bit. I had to do a ~400 meter swim test followed by a 10 minute float test… It was a tough challenge but I survived 😉 Kidding. I hope you know that was a joke. SO nice getting a little (literally) swim swim in. Marc pointed out a few barracuda and a scorpion fish which were so neat.

No new photos today but lots of relaxed fun. I find it harder to blog lots of details etc. when staying in the same place rather than bouncing around. It’s all good though 🙂

Out to dinner with the guys now and as Kevin says, an early night (which means extremely late and not fully coherent, when coming from him). Diving from the boat tomorrow! Can’t wait.

Sleep swimmingly, world 🙂

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