SCUBA Honduras, Day Five

27 June 2014

What a day. Last night was a long night. Lots of wonderful new friends on this island & lots of memories constantly being made! Another bar challenge took place last night; another four shots but no running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The night came to an end with an Irish man singing Gaelic folk songs. Typical.


This morning – though exhausted – was great! I went out with my fellow open water course buddies and we did our dives 3 & 4 on the North side of the island, which has tons of beautiful scuba spots! {side note: our neighbor DJ just started blasting Backstreet Boys as I lay in bed typing this. Excellent. Almost as excellent as Spice Girls in karaoke last night! Ha.} Anywho, so we saw some neat little fish today including a massive tarpon! We thought it might be a shark when we first saw it from a distance. It wasn’t 😦 but still so cool!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty mellow. Has a cerveza and homemade donut (in competition for our MINOWS secret pizza donut cafe homemade donuts) on the top dock. Perfection!



Andrew and I had dinner at what is apparently the best restaurant on the island – a Chinese/Thai style food. It was worth the 45+ minute wait (not for a table, for the actual food after ordering).


Just kidding. We got more than white rice. It was sooo good (I say that as a relative term)!


So wiped & diving early tomorrow for my two fun dives! Can’t wait. Hoping to see a whale shark. Or at least a sea turtle. Well, long day tomorrow too being that it’s my last day! Sad to go but I know tomorrow will be great. Good night!

SCUBA Honduras, Day Four

26 June 2014

It’s amazing. You set an alarm for 6 am and you wake up at 5 am because of the sunshine and music. Our power went out last night (happens a lot) so we woke up to no power or water or anything. Thank goodness for our breeze!


Kevin and I walked over to UDC around 6:45 to get ready to go for our dive. He led a bit of our open water group. Diving in the OW was sooo much more exciting! I didn’t bring my camera out for the first dive but we saw a spotted eagle ray, a lobster, a trumpet fish, an octopus, Sargent Majors, and so many more fun things! We came back to the boat to switch tanks etc and then went out for a second dive, during which we practiced a lot more drills. We saw a squid on the second drive! Amongst other neat little sea creatures. Just, awesome.




I took a little siesta in the afternoon and the guys were just hanging while Andrew was diving… When all of a sudden I awoke to the word fresh cookies! The little shop at the end of our side “rode” to our house had fresh out of the oven dulce de leche cookies with a heavenly filling. Mom – we must imitate this recipe! Yum.

(PHOTO – quote & sign)




The Mango Inn has a sweet little restaurant owned by a man named Brad. He’s from Minneapolis and bought the Mango in March, fixed it up a bunch, and created a wonderful spot with good food, good music, and great people! I highly recommend if you come to Utila.



That’s Brad. And this is a disco cat wanderer.


Time for karaoke at UDC. And another T-Shirt challenge. And an incredible night with tons of new friends.

Good night!

Good night, friends!

SCUBA Honduras, Day Two

24 June 2014

Six am wake up to a sun as bright as mid day, and to the sound of… I’m not really sure what classification of music it would be actually… but our own personal DJ in one of the shacks across Garbage Lake (I just named it that). Here is our humble abode, home to Andrew, Kevin, Pascal, and myself. It’s nice. I stayed here last night with them & will again tonight but may go to the hostel some nights to meet people. We’ll see. Here is the apartment and our incredible view (even better on the other side where there is half a boat and a collapsed “house”):



Andrew and Kevin (from NJ) went on the morning dive so I took a walk to the end of the main road on the island, or at least in this area. There is one main road that goes through the island. I came to the little beach and turned after I took it in for a few minutes. Along the walk I found a wall that said “gaviota,” which some of you know to be my favorite Spanish word. It means seagull though, so I’m not sure why there is a marlin mosaic picture near the word.




When I got back, Pascal and I went for breakfast. We made friends with a cat and enjoyed delicious fresh fruit smoothies.



I hung on the end of the dock at UDC to wait for the group to get back.


There’s a great little coffee shop next to UDC where we relaxed in for a bit. I jumped off the dock, Andrew studied, and a guy named JD from Fla played some guitar. The proceeds of the shop go to promoting education along the rio coco river. Pretty neat.



I read that Utila has an iguana rescue/research center so myself, Andrew, and Pascal went on a little hike to check that out. Andrew and I both got in one of the cages to feed him hibiscus.

(A photo of a photo.)




We also went just a bit further and found one of the highest points on the island with an incredible view.


I finally got started on my dive theory course – watching a movie, reviewing the manual, and answering questions. Andrew, Kevin, Pascal, and I then grabbed a crepe on our way to a bar called Skid Row. Skid Row offers a challenge for a free t-shirt. The challenge consists of four shots of guifity (a traditional homemade rum brew made of twigs and foliage. Each guifity has a different taste based on the area you have it because not all land tastes the same. Anywho, you take three shots consecutively, then spin around in circles ten times, then take a fourth shot, then run around the pool table ten times. So worth the t-shirt! 😉

We got home and had a little grilled queso blanco (YUM) and fresh piña. Then the power went out for like twenty minutes – thank goodness for phones and our headlamps. And so it goes…. Bed time!

Another wonderful day. Goodnight!

SCUBA Honduras, Day One

23 June 2014

Okay, so I love Delta and that’s where all my miles are, but man is United on point with something’s. Outlets; wonderful. TVs; I’m indifferent but it’s cool. Gate organization; perfection! Thanks for making my connection the same gate as my arrival flight. Prime.


Last year when I came to Honduras I had an entire row to myself for the flight down. I lucked out again! Slept nearly the entire way on both flights.


We passed over Belize and I got a glimpse of the one of the top ten most famous diving spots: the big blue hole! You should look it up if you have a second. It’s incredible.
And if you’re really interested you should watch the documentary Breathe. It’s about free diver William Trubridge and his incredible feats in a blue hole in the Bahamas. Such a fantastic insight in to a means of pushing ones body and mind… Those of you who know me know how much I love that stuff.


Andrew is on Isla Utilia, that’s where I’m going to meet him and where we’ll be diving.
It’s a bit of a ways to get there. I flew in to Roatan, took a taxi to a ferry, the ferry took me to La Ceiba, then I grabbed another ferry to Utila. Utila is 18 miles of the coast.



I am thrilled to be spending the next week in this paradise. And I can’t wait to eat all the yummy fruits Honduras has to offer. (Side note: I will have pizza soon upon my US return.)

The rock of the first ferry through the waves nearly put me to sleep again. Okay, it did put me to sleep… not almost. But only a little dozing. I glanced behind me and apparently the waves had that effect on everyone 😴

The second ferry was wild. It reminded me of the ferry across Gibraltar Strait except a lot smaller, a lot faster, but equally as rough. Good times! I made friends with a great girl named Emily from Illinois. Her and I had great traveler talk. That’s one of my absolute favorite things about travel – finding these awesome like minded people. It only got better once I got to Utila. Andrew met me at the dock and walked me back to the dive shop (photos tomorrow), which is a perfect island style utopia. It’s a place of living within your means. There is a dock to jump off, a bar, and tons of dive equipment with wonderful happy people all around. And happy dogs. And cheap beer. And again, happy people. Obviously. Anyway! I’m so glad to have this reminder and realty check right now. I realize for most of you reading this a “reality check” might not be how you look at me being on a small island off the coast of Honduras with a bunch of people most of whom are not working but rather just traveling and enjoying LIFE, but for me it is grounding. It reminds me not to settle; it reminds me to avoid and oh or the influence of societal pressures with which I do not agree; it reminds me how little desire I have to go back and get a desk job.

Life is so good. I could not imagine myself with out these experiences. Hope you read this and are inspired to take the plunge. I’ve never been disappointed in a trip I’ve taken, be it planned in advance or spontaneous like this trip in Honduras. Go buy a ticket and LIVE.

Anywho, we sang happy birthday to one of the divers and had a delicious banana bread cake for him. A little queso blanco for dinner & e-mail updates in the living room in Andrew’s apartment. Adventures tomorrow! Good night, friends.


Honduras, Day 1

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today I headed on down to Honduras (I kept a journal while I was away – so not really today)!  


I connected through Atlanta and the flights went smoothly, nothing too exciting. Oh! Except for the woman who sort of harassed me. Michele, with one l, who had a few too many Blue Moons basically told me how I would be robbed, and/or kidnapped, and/or murdered as she repeatedly said that the 32 years she had on me were far more than any life experience I could possibly have had. Long story short, after she told me how naive I was and wished me good then continued to loudly tell her friend a few rows behind me, I politely asked her to stop talking about me and that I’d really appreciate it (with a smile, of course). She didn’t like that so she started yelling at me, “Hey, get over here!” so I went to the front of the plane and told Brenda the flight attendant (who was already aware of what had been going on) and sat the rest of the flight in first class! Sometimes I really love Delta. Brenda and David were the greatest flight crew I’ve had… and David was on my flight home as well but I’ll get to that later – ya know, since I’m still alive to tell it 😉

When I got to the customs line, I noticed the woman’s backpack in front of me in line had “Jaynsen” written on it and I recognized that name from e-mails coordinated with the organization I was to meet up with so I started conversation. Sure enough Jaynsen was one of the many amazing people I was about to travel with over the next two weeks. She introduced me to Sug and Pat who were also in line – our groups three incredible nurses! Through security, baggage claim, and the hang time as we waited for a few other flights to complete our team, I met Ben, Bruce, Tom, Jesus, Leah, Richard, and Bud. Alyssa and Isaac joined us the next day. We packed up three trucks and drove a few hours to Helen’s Villa on the beach in Sambo Creek where we’d stay for the night. Image(Myself, Dr. Ben, and Dr. Leah) Image(Dr. Tom and Dr. Richard)


We arrived to Helen’s past dark but that didn’t stop me from jumping in the ocean! The water was so warm and super salty but felt wonderful. We ordered some food as we continued to get to know one another (those who didn’t already), and headed to bed for an early day to follow. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks with these people – they have each impressed me tremendously already!



(One of the all time best parts about Central and South America – the hammocks!!)Image


Buenas Noches world 🙂