I’m back

20 March 2018

It is lunchtime on a Tuesday and as I sit here at Starbucks sipping a coffee with almond milk (because I took up coffee – particularly espresso – last year and haven’t been able to turn back), I can’t help but laugh a little. I thought it’d be wise to reflect a bit and put down some of my thoughts onto paper. Why? Well, my birthday is Thursday. Thursday, I will be 28 years old. It’s kind of a weird age I think because there is such a dichotomy in where people are in their lives at 28 years old. I’ve got friends from high school who are married, who have a child… or multiples, who have jobs they call their career. All of these things are great, but I also have friends who are still finding themselves, following their passions, and figuring out where they want to be. I think I somewhat fall into the gray area of this whole realm.

I have lived so many lives already; seen so many sunrises and sunsets from so many points on the globe. I’ve climbed mountains, swam oceans and rivers, done volunteer work in slums at the equator line in Africa, and splashed with penguin and dolphin near the Antarctic. Life has given me love – with family, with friends, and in the very few relationships I’ve opened myself to fully, it has given me love as well as heartbreak. It has taught me strength, perseverance, and acceptance. I am grateful, very grateful. Though I did not imagine I’d be sitting at Starbucks two days before my 28th birthday thinking about what to do next.

Let me preface, I finally started a job in November that I thought was THE job. I love the industry, I love the connections I was making, I love every aspect of what the job entailed. Despite the enormous good, it was not the right situation… I’ll leave it at that. Anywho, I follow a good amount of social media accounts that got me thinking. For years as I traveled (you’ll see old posts from when I initially started this blog site) people suggested I become a blogger – my passion for writing, for travel, and for adventure would be able to share middle ground. I never thought possible but now I think why not. Granted, I’m going to have to learn how to focus in more on specific topics or themes because I can have a tendency to cover too many bases.

To save you from my rambles any longer (for now), here it is. This is where I’m going get back to me; where I am going to share my travels in hopes they offer you insights, my adventures and swimming endeavors in hopes they offer you inspiration, and maybe some healthful posts including food or exercise as therein lies one of my other biggest passions. I hope you can appreciate that in revamping and recreating this site, I’m rediscovering myself. I know that each experience leads us to the next and there will always be more good to come. So I continue to take on the world, know that your follow is appreciated and welcomed. Also while you’re at it, follow me on IG: @dseacliff for more of the adventures.

Now don’t mind me, I’ll just be sitting here day dreaming of my next trip back to Hawaii…

Maui • March 2018

The Game of Life

3 October 2014

Have you ever experienced that feeling that the way things play out in life, though far from what you had planned, are in fact the way they were meant to be all along? I feel that way recently.

I had plans. Well, I had a plan. A plan to move, to set out on a new adventure in a new town with new people and new experiences. It is amazing how quickly things can turn around and stray so far from the set path. The change I experienced was for the better though, it was a final hour quick decision to make but I believe it’s really been for the best. I canceled my plans to move and accepted a full time position in a field of my interest.

My life has taken a quick 360, as my good friend pointed out to me the other night over dinner. As have many others. It’s a 360 that I know will be for the best in my future, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I was handed.

Frank Turner – a British singer – has a song called Photosynthesis. It begins like this:

Well I guess I should confess that I am starting to get old
All the latest music fads all passed me by and left me cold
All the kids are talking slang I won’t pretend to understand
All my friends are getting married, mortgages and pension plans
And it’s obvious my angry adolescent days are done
And I’m happy and I’m settled in the person I’ve become
But that doesn’t mean I’m settled up and sitting out the game
Time may change a lot but some things may stay the same

I feel he just puts it in to perspective so perfectly. Photosynthesis is undeniable with time, yet despite the changes one can always retain their original self. I’ve made fast new changes recently in my life but my photosynthesis is forever ongoing and I treasure that trait within myself.

Funny what life does to a person. It will always offer the good as long as one is willing to embrace the change that it may cause. I have pure gratitude for the people in my life, the experiences I’ve had, and the bumps in the road along the beginning of a much longer ride.

Take a chance. Embrace change. Appreciate the good in your life. & Love. Sweet dreams, world!

Here Again, There Again

22 June 2014

It’s 10:45 pm and I am exhausted. The past week has been super packed with highs and lows. The highest high was quitting my terrible job! Glad to be moving on to greater things. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly timing wise either.

I got to go help out for Stage 3 of the 8 Bridges swim (one of my all time favorites and run by the greatest people) and spend the day on the water in multiple forms – boat, paddle, and swimming – with some of the most kind and fun-loving people I know! Ed finished his 4 stages strong, Andrew began the first half of his endeavor impressively, and John set a record! Just to name a few neat details.



Yes, that is his swim suit that Ed is holding above his head. And Ed, since I know you’re reading this… You’re welcome. Told you I was spreading the fun 🙂

I got to spend lots of time this weekend with my friends from Ireland now that their back for the summer!




Claire, Andrew, Kevin, and I went out with all the others as well. What a great night! Many more to come.

Well, with all that now just a memory off I go again tomorrow on the next adventure. I am flying to Honduras tomorrow to visit my friend Andrew. He is down there for a bit to get dive master scuba certified so I figured I’d join him for a week to get myself certified. Following that I am off to Mississippi to see my friend Stephanie, then Charleston for a few days with my mom. Lots of updates to come!

Sweet dreams, world. x

Hoppy Easter, friends!

20 April 2014

Today is a beautiful day.
My day began with baking a yummy lemon poppyseed cake followed by taking one of my dogs for a run on a local trail.

Now my father and I are driving to our Easter Linner (that’s the later version of brunch…the lunch-dinner) with some family. I’m reading a book that a friend gave me called Flow and a line resonated that I felt like sharing:

The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult or worthwhile.

I really love the way the author depicts this. In all of my wild adventures or endeavors, many people tell me I’m crazy or ask why I would do *insert experience here* and I don’t believe I’ve ever really given an answer (though I’m sure they’re usually rhetorical questions & statements anyway). I think this is the best way to explain though, because for me and my outlook this is exactly how I see my experiences.

Side note: the subtitle of the book is The Psychology of Optimal Experience 🙂

I challenge you to do something soon that will prompt people close to you to call you crazy!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter or just a beautiful day 🙂

p.s. happy birthday KJC!